Evie is Driving the Future of AI Recruitment Coordination

Posted by Team Evie on Feb 6, 2020

As you may have read in our previous blog, Evie is on a new mission to supercharge hiring for enterprises as the world’s best AI recruitment coordinator.

After learning to navigate all kinds of tricky situations when scheduling meetings in the corporate or private context, Evie’s now ready to take on more complex maneuvers and bring the value of personable interactions to where it is highly-prized today—the global war for talent.

If we can help recruitment teams solve one thing, it would be taking the mind-numbing task of scheduling interviews off their hands. And we do it darn well.

No app downloads, no complicated set-up, just the perfect, fully branded, conversational experience that will impress any candidate.


What are we dealing with?

While dozens of online appointment schedulers are out there in the market, they don’t work very well in the recruitment context. 

Calendars may appear free, when someone is in fact busy for legitimate reasons, such as having an important task to work on during the day, or confirming a meeting over the phone and forgetting to put it on the calendar. While a recruiter might be able to vouch for his or her own availability when scheduling personal meetings, the same can’t be said for scheduling interviews with candidates on behalf of the hiring team.


How do we do it?

Here’s something new—we call it Bridge Scheduling.BridgeScheduling

The broken premise of perfectly synced up calendars is where many automated scheduling tools mess up, allowing job candidates to book their own interviews by picking a time off interviewers’ open calendars. Such candidates may find their interviews getting rescheduled at a later date when such schedule conflicts become apparent, making for a dismal candidate experience.

Instead, Evie takes a novel two-way approach to finding times by first confirming suitable slots with interviewers before proposing them to your candidates. This collaborative approach ensures that before options are presented to candidates, you’re sure that they actually work for everyone on the interview panel.

Here are some major advantages you get with Bridge Scheduling:

  • Assurance of meeting room availability
  • Assurance of interviewer availability
  • Demonstrate respect for your colleagues’ time
  • Demonstrate respect for your candidate’s time
  • Maintain an open channel of communication with both interviewers and candidates, separately for privacy

What you get is extreme flexibility with Evie managing every individual’s scheduling needs independently and conversationally, across the entire scheduling life-cycle—that includes, however many negotiations or reschedules required to get the job done.

Note that Evie does this simultaneously for the entire batch of candidates you request for her to schedule from within a single email.

Let us show you how.


One email is all it takes

Just like one of your team, you can hand off the task of scheduling interviews by simply copying Evie on an email to your interviewers.


Through advanced natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, Evie has all the information needed to schedule separate interviews for all candidates listed, which includes:

  • who are the required and optional interviewers (from the “To” and “Cc” fields)
  • the names and email addresses of all the candidates
  • awareness to distinguish between internal and external candidates
  • the nickname you’ve given your office building (say, your office building is called “Global HQ”)
  • understanding that you’d want meeting rooms booked in “Global HQ” for each of these interviews

And off Evie goes!

GIF Interview Responds

Here’s Evie in action having already checked meeting rooms AND interviewers’ calendars, and now checking in for a final confirmation.

We see that Leia, the interviewer, confirms that the times work for her. 

With that, Evie knows everyone on the panel can make these times.

Here comes a big part of the magic—Evie goes to each candidate, proposes all these times, and manages the bag of available slots based on interactions with any of the candidates.

Any time after Wednesday works for me”...

“I’m available anytime in the first week of February”...

“I’m good with all afternoon times”...

“Is it possible to have any afternoon slots?”...

GIF Candidate Negotiates

We see one of the candidates, Michael, is able to negotiate an afternoon time slot for his interview.

Imagine trying to map all the individual constraints of, say, 10 candidates across multiple email threads to find that golden balance between everybody’s needs. 

Not an easy feat, but just what Evie does best.

For every reply from a candidate, Evie uses her snazzy algorithms to determine the best slot to confirm right away on a rolling basis. 

If none of those slots quite fit their needs, Evie proactively finds additional slots to propose to the interviewers (meeting room checks all done too!) ensuring there are enough to go around for all candidates that need more options.

Until the interview is done and dusted, interviewers and candidates alike are free to ask Evie to help reschedule or cancel, turning a potentially stressful logistical nightmare into a smoothly managed process.


Life is messy, let Evie meet you where you’re at

Communication with your interviewers or candidates don’t always happen through email (although that would be very helpful). And that’s okay.

Already have a list of times hiring managers are free for the interviews? Give Evie a heads up.


Confirmed a time with one of the candidates over the phone? Just let Evie know (privately too, if you wish).


As the recruiter, you retain complete oversight and access to all conversations taking place on both sides of the “bridge”. This means you get to step in to give updates on any new developments like a change in schedule and Evie will get right down to work.


Daily reports right to your inbox

We really mean it when we say “one email is all it takes”. At least on your end.

Evie sends you a daily progress report every morning so you are aware of how things are going with every candidate. Of course, the point is to flag only items you might need to pay attention to such as unresponsive parties slowing down the hiring process.


Evie, at polite hours, will chase interviewers and candidates to respond, and only up to three times. Where people are persistently unresponsive, Evie might need you to use some of your personal clout to help get things moving again.


Customizing the entire experience to fit your brand’s values

What we’re talking here isn’t slapping on a logo and decorating emails with a few brand colors.

We work with every customer to ensure the entire conversation takes place the way they want.

Email templates, confirmations and invites? Sure.

Different templates for internal and external candidates? You bet.

Separate attachments for interviewers and candidates? Not a problem.



Enterprises have embraced hiring as a team sport and love customizing the way they work with Evie. From how much communication happens with the interviewers, to how to respond to interview cancellations, Evie supercharges recruiting teams to roll out their best candidate experience strategy—minus any of the complexity.


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