Corporate Scheduling

Drive a truly seamless scheduling experience by having Evie handle the entire process. Reclaim time and headspace to focus on the work that really matters.

Employees sharing their calendar with the team for scheduling coordination
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Conversational AI
& end-to-end scheduling

  • Evie reads and writes in natural language to understand your request, negotiate details with invitees and execute the scheduling.
  • Schedule in-person meetings, calls, and recurring events with a single email.
  • Preserve email context within one single email thread with invitees.
  • The entire scheduling process is covered with follow-ups to non-responsive invitees, meeting reminders, and calendar invites sent on your behalf.
Software that covers all touch points along the scheduling process
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Employee finds the meeting room booking process easy and straightforward

Multi-Office Support & Meeting Room Booking

  • Integrated with Office 365 and Google Suite.
  • Able to support meeting rooms across multiple offices and locations.
  • Automatically book a meeting room for every in-person meeting scheduled in any of your company office locations.
  • Rooms are tentatively booked during the scheduling process to ensure you'll have the room once the meeting is confirmed.
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Preference Fulfillment & Management

  • Set preferred times per event, fallback times, default durations, favourite locations, Zoom/Skype/Google Meet links & buffer times.
  • Override default preferences on a per-meeting basis by letting Evie know within the respective scheduling request. 
  • Set travel preferences whenever you're on the road - whether you are open to meetings, and which time zone to schedule in.
  • Receive a summary of your day every morning so that you start your day knowing what to expect or reschedule anything with a single click.
Employee is adjusting preferences for the scheduling assistant software
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