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 Radically Simple Interview Scheduling

✔ Schedules interviews from a single email

✔ Coordinates between a candidate and one or more interviewers using intuitive natural language

✔ Suggests times to interviewers based on their calendars and also asks for their preferences

✔ Automatically follows up with unresponsive candidates and interviewers

✔ Works with Office 365 & Google Suite calendars

✔ Instant setup - no HR systems integrations needed to get started

Intelligent  Scheduling 

✔ Optimizes interviews across multiple timezones

✔ Supports standing preferences and working hours for recruiters and interviewers

✔ Differentiates between required and optional interviewers

Interview Formats

✔ Recruiter phone screens

✔1:1 interviews

✔ Panel interviews 

✔ In-person or online interviews

Interview Logistics Support

✔ 1 preset office location 

✔ 1 call integration  (Zoom / Teams / Hangouts)

Basic Company Branding

✔ Evie on your company domain (evie@company.com)

✔ A custom signature for Evie


✔ Daily progress reports for recruiters

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Everything in Starter,  plus:

Extensive Interview Scheduling Capabilities

✔ Batch scheduling - schedule multiple candidates for a role  from a single email 

✔ Interviewer pools and backup interviewers

✔ On-site / circuit / sequence interviews

✔ Multi-office and multi-site support


Comprehensive Company Branding*

✔ Company-branded copy and messaging

✔ Custom templates,  attachments & workflows

✔ Intelligent template selection based on multiple criteria

*available with a minimum of 3 licences


Data Analytics

✔ Measure interviewer load

✔ Candidate experience metrics


ATS & Other Integrations

✔ ATS integrations

✔ Other custom integrations to external systems
(assessment platforms, video interview platforms, room booking systems, etc.)


Enterprise-Grade Support

✔ Custom  contracts and data retention policies

✔ Dedicated account manager

✔ Product training sessions

✔ ISO 27001 certification for information security

✔Custom Volume  & Usage Pricing


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