Schedule interviews on-site, in batches, as panels, on video & more

It takes only 1 minute to ask Evie to schedule multiple interviews - 10X faster than doing it through your ATS. Watch the video to see how it's done!



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Batch Scheduling

  • Schedule interviews with multiple candidates for a single job role
  • Interviews are easily setup with a single trigger action - either by email or via your integrated ATS
  • Interviewers and candidates are kept on separate email threads
  • Monitor scheduling progress of every interview with daily progress reports delivered right to your inbox
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Multi-Format Interviews

  • Panel interviews (single candidate with multiple interviewers)
  • Group interviews (multiple interviewers and candidates)
  • Pool interviews (intelligent selection of an interviewer from a list of relevant managers for the interview)
  • Sequence of interviews (back-to-back interviews in a single session)
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Phone and Video Interviews

  • Set up 1:1 preliminary phone screening calls (between yourself and candidates)
  • Execute batch scheduling or multi-format interviews for phone or video interviews (instead of on-site)
  • Generate secure, one-time Zoom or MS Teams links for each interview. Learn more here.
  • Cross-time zone scheduling and recruiters don't have to be in the same location as interviewers nor candidates
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Meeting Room Booking

Meeting Room Booking
  • Automatically book an available meeting room for each candidate for on-site interviews
  • This feature is available to enterprises with multiple offices and global locations
  • Rooms are tentatively booked before confirmation to prevent redundant bookings
  • Readily integrated with Office 365 and Google Suite for easy setup and instant usage
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End-to-end, Natural Language Scheduling

  • Evie coordinates with interviewers and candidates via email using natural language and sounding like a human - making for a great candidate experience
  • Handles back-and-forth negotiation for available times between interviewers and candidates
  • Persistent follow-ups with unresponsive interviewers and candidates
  • Proactive prompt to reschedule whenever there is a conflict in time or someone declines a calendar invite
  • Reminders sent out to interviewer and candidates on the day prior to the confirmed interview date
Candidate Reminder
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Evie works with your enterprise systems

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