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Schedule Interviews 10X Faster with Evie

Evie facilitates the entire interview scheduling process, without any integration needed. No more back-and-forth frustration for recruiters.

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“Evie is so simple to use, saves 30% of my time and delivers a great candidate experience, allowing me to hire faster & better!”

~ Marta Brockwell

Talent Acquisition Consultant
Siemens Mobility

Amazingly Simple AI Interview Scheduling

One Request, Multiple Interviews Scheduled

Interview scheduling software

A Branded, Human-like Experience 

Customizable interview scheduling templates

Actionable Insights for Better Recruiting

User dashboard for recruiters

What can Evie do for you?

Flexible Interview Workflows
  • 1:1 pre-interview screens

  • On-site

  • Panels

  • Cross time-zones

  • Sequences (back-to-back)


Evie will arrange the necessary logistics for interviews done as:

  • In-person

  • Phone calls

  • Video calls (Zoom, Teams)


Evie negotiates for available times between interviewers & candidates, persistently follows-up with unresponsive parties, & reminds both parties on the day before the interview.

End-to-end Management

At any point in the scheduling process, Evie will manage reschedules or cancellations requested by either interviewers or candidates. 

Fully-branded Appearance

Evie works as & a customized signature, just like a real employee of your company. Personalize your email templates & attachments to convey your brand tone & value proposition.

Integrations for Smoother Workflows

Work with us to design & implement custom workflows that meet your candidate journey needs. Integrate with your ATS for even better & easier recruitment coordination.

You Maintain Full Visibility

Receive daily updates & track Evie's scheduling progress to monitor for bottlenecks in the scheduling process & take action with unresponsive interviewers or candidates.

Drive Decisions based on Real Data

Use data to drive real improvements in recruiting efficiency. Access key behavioral & operational insights through all points along the scheduling process via a rich dashboard. 

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Agency Recruitment

Evie works with your enterprise systems

Office 365
Microsoft Exchange
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Quickly Deploy with Zero Integration.

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