Best-in-class Interview Scheduling & Coordination

With robust natural language understanding and orchestration of complex workflows, recruiters can entrust Evie to collaborate with interviewers and candidates.




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Multi-Candidate Scheduling

  • Trigger from one single email or ATS
  • Schedule with multiple candidates for a single role
  • Keep interviewers and candidates on separate email threads
Recruiter sending out multiple emails to schedule an interview
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Multi-Format Interviews

Interviewer and candidate shaking hands during an in-person interview
  • 1:1 Phone screening between recruiter and candidate
  • Panel interviews (single candidate with multiple interviewers)
  • Group interviews (multiple interviewers and candidates)
  • Pool interviews (intelligent selection of an interviewer from a list of relevant managers for the interview)
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Meeting Room Booking

  • Integrated with Office 365 and Google Suite
  • Automatically book a meeting room for every interview (per candidate)
  • Able to support meeting rooms across multiple offices and locations
  • Rooms tentatively booked during scheduling process
Recruiter checking for room availability in the office
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Pro-active Scheduling

Recruiter figuring out the best way to schedule interviews
  • Follows-up with unresponsive interviewers and candidates
  • Seeks to reschedule canceled appointments or declined calendar invites
  • Actively carries out the negotiation of available time slots with interviewers and candidates
  • Sends reminders the day before the actual interview
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Global Time-Zone Support

  • Cross-time zone scheduling by stating the city locations of interviewers or candidates
  • Recruiters don’t have to be in the same location as neither interviewers nor candidates
Recruiter organizing interviews with managers and candidates in different time zones
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Evie works with your enterprise systems

Office 365
Microsoft Exchange
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