We built Evie, the World’s Leading
AI Assistant for Recruiters

We are on a mission to free talent acquisition teams from having to juggle busy work while doing their real jobs.

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Created by former executives and engineers from Stanford, MIT and Yahoo!, Evie is powered by a next-generation human-AI cognitive collaboration platform called MetaFlow that combines natural language processing, autonomous reasoning and workflow orchestration with a deep understanding of real-world concepts like time, location and human relationships.

Evie's amazingly simple scheduling not only saves recruiters time, it also makes sure they don’t miss out on the best candidates and gain valuable analytics they can incorporate into the next candidate search.

As a cloud-based offering, Evie can be quickly deployed and integrated with all major enterprise scheduling, messaging and meeting applications, from Zoom to Slack to Microsoft Teams.

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Today, Evie schedules meetings and interviews, handles multiple time zones, books meeting rooms, tracks to-dos, and gives you insights and analytics for optimization. Effortlessly, from anywhere – with a single email.

Imagine what Evie might do for the world tomorrow.

Founder and CEO of Evie.ai, Jin Hian Lee

Meet our Founder and CEO

Jin is the founder and creator of Evie, and is passionate about building solutions to tomorrow’s greatest challenges. Jin leads an awesome team that is dedicated to building the A.I. assistant that will power the future of work.

Jin graduated from Stanford University with BSc. & MSc. degrees in Electrical Engineering in 1999, and has spent fifteen years building and launching innovative mobile & Internet media products on a global scale at companies like Yahoo.

We're always looking for smart, passionate people to join us on our mission!

We want people who are fascinated by AI, intellectually curious, and self-motivated. We work hard, but we also like to have fun. We love teamwork and productivity. We hate busywork and inefficiency (it eats into our drinking time).

If this sounds like you, email us at hello@evie.ai and let’s schedule a meeting!

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