Evie's Journey to Becoming the World's Best AI Recruitment Coordinator

Posted by Team Evie on Jan 24, 2020

Recruiter using Evie to schedule a series of interviews

How Evie gained its Scheduling Superpowers and is becoming the world’s best AI-powered Recruitment Coordinator

Did you know many of us spend over 8 solid hours a week playing scheduling back-and-forth? Jin, our CEO and Founder, faced this pain every week as a global product manager at Yahoo, where he needed to coordinate with stakeholders all around the world.  As someone who abhors busywork and loves problem-solving,  Jin decided there must be a better way to handle meeting scheduling.

In 2014, Evie was founded to tackle the big audacious goal of building a cognitive system to handle scheduling in the real world, with all its complexities and nuances. Two years later, armed with a contextual natural language understanding engine, some snazzy scheduling algorithms and a human-like approach,  Evie the superpower AI Assistant was born! 

Since then, Evie has helped schedule hundreds of thousands of meetings for busy leaders, managers and business owners that  increasingly need to do more with less. In fact,  Evie scheduled these meetings so naturally that many people thought Evie was actually human!

"Isn't Evie joining us for the meeting today?" is something our users tell us their guests often ask - and it's a compliment we we love hearing.

As Evie grew to serve users across 40 countries and 400 companies, Evie’s scheduling superpowers grew to handle all kinds of tricky situations, including scheduling across time zones, being aware of locations,  staying clear of public holidays, finding the best frequency for sending chasers, and of course, finding and booking meeting rooms. 

Today, Evie is a state-of-the art AI Assistant with best-in-class scheduling superpowers, delivered with a human-like touch -  and its superpowers are ready for even tougher assignment.


Interview Scheduling for Recruitment

As we engaged with our enterprise customers, we found that HR Recruiters spend over 30% of their time scheduling and coordinating interviews for their company. And according to a McKinsey study, over 60% of HR's time is spent on repetitive low-value tasks, taking valuable time away for them to focus on more strategic work.

It’s no wonder that over 54% of recruiters want to see interview scheduling automated - they need to focus on finding (sourcing), attracting and hiring the best people, not waste time on coordinating between interviewers and their candidates.

With the intensifying war for talent, it’s clear how something as mundane as scheduling could turn out to be an Achilles heel for companies, hobbling them from pursuing their growth plans and mission. In fact, the cost to US companies alone for being able to hire to fill their positions is estimated to be $160 billion a year.


 “Interview scheduling is the Achilles heel that can hobble companies from their growth plans and mission, costing companies in the US alone $160 billion arising from unfilled positions.” 


The many recruitment teams we spoke with across various industries validated this pain over and over again - and our way forward was clear. 

Evie has a new mission - to become the world’s best AI recruitment coordinator to help enterprises supercharge their hiring. As part of that mission, we will bring that same productivity to the pain of recruitment scheduling that Evie is best known for - a fast, professional, yet warm and personal experience with nearly human-like powers!

Stay tuned to learn more about what makes Evie the best AI Recruitment Coordinator in our upcoming Blog Series.

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