Use Case: In-house Recruitment

Operate 10X Faster & Be Adaptable

Every recruiter wastes 3 months in a year just coordinating interviews. Evie makes this amazingly simple for in-house recruiters so that they can focus on the things that really matter.

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Why Evie for In-house Recruiting?


Confident interview candidate

A Consistent, Fast & Proactive Experience

A flexible workflow ensures a consistent, fast experience for all candidates. Evie works 24x7

Customizable templates gives a tailored & branded first impression to candidates

Shortening the time-to-interview and reducing the reschedule rate shows that you value candidates


Hiring Manager

A Blend of Assistance & Autonomy

Ease of use and deployment makes for frictionless adoption due to zero change management

Combining calendar availability suggestions with interviewers’ preferences reduces reschedules

Managing a pool of interviewers optimizes the load distribution so that no one interviewer is overwhelmed


Interview scheduling work for recruiters

A Simple, Efficient & Insightful Partnership

Recruiters just need to make one email request or update the ATS. It’s an intuitive and familiar software experience.

Evie keeps the recruiter in the loop and provides daily status updates, so that ultimately, recruiters are in control.

With quantitative insight into the scheduling process, recruiters can drive changes to improve their workflow.

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Case Study

“Evie is so simple to use, saves 30% of my time and delivers a great candidate experience, allowing me to hire faster & better!”

~ Marta Brockwell

Talent Acquisition Consultant
Siemens Mobility

Quickly Deploy with Zero Integration.

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