Use Case: Agency Recruitment

Place Candidates Faster & Get More Jobs

Agencies need to keep up with pickier clients, a shifting pool of global candidates & a hesitant talent market. Create 3 more hours every day by having Evie take care of all the coordination work. 

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How Evie Works for Agencies

Recruiters use Evie to schedule interviews

The recruiter sends a request to Evie to schedule an interview between their client & selected candidate.

Evie works with Hiring Managers to set up interviews

Evie works with the client to obtain some times that work.

Evie works with candidates to set up interviews

Based on the times approved by the client, Evie reaches out to the candidate to confirm a time that works.

Recruiters save time by letting Evie schedule interviews

Evie sends confirmation emails & calendar invites to both parties, & the recruiter rejoices in their extra time!

Why Evie for Agency Recruiting?

Get Candidates in Front of Clients on 10X Less Time

Recruiters need to juggle multiple hats to find the right talent for clients. Scheduling interviews shouldn't be taking up 30% of their time. Evie cuts down this time so recruiters can focus on the real recruiting challenges.

Be Operationally Resilient & Adaptable

Clients are becoming pickier, candidates less willing to switch jobs, and requisitions shifting to remote hiring. Evie makes sure you don't have to worry about being digitally fluent to take care of the manual, repetitive stuff.

A Great, Simple Experience for Everyone

Recruiters just need to make one email request or update the ATS. Interviewers & candidates talk to Evie via email, in natural language - just like they would with a real person. It’s an intuitive, familiar & human-like experience for everyone.

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“Evie is so simple to use, saves 30% of my time and delivers a great candidate experience, allowing me to hire faster & better!”

~ Marta Brockwell

Talent Acquisition Consultant
Siemens Mobility

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