Championing the Rising Paradigm of Remote Hiring

Posted by Team Evie on May 14, 2020

As Covid-19 continues to show no discrimination across different parts of the world and the workforce in across countries have fallen on remote working to keep things going, we’re seeing a rising trend in remote hiring.

Since January, the number of remote work offers has almost doubled and with an even greater rise in remote work applications; a staggering 135% increase compared to that in January. [1]

Though the current climate has served as the impetus to this shift to remote hiring, this way of talent acquisition has already been on the rise over the last decade.

Some key statistics that show this include the 91% growth in remote work over the last decade and that 3.4% of the total U.S. workforce are remote workers, up from 2.9% in 2015. [2] A Gallup survey also revealed that 54% of U.S. workers would leave their current job for one that allowed them to work remotely. [3]

Even as governments make headway into reining in the current pandemic, it is still an enduring event with no tangible ‘end date’; and that will forever change the way we work. Nearly 1 out of 5 CFOs surveyed suggested plans to keep at least 20% of their workforce remote to reduce financial expenditure. [4]

Although telecommuting is not viable for all professions, around 44% of jobs are still compatible for remote work; particularly among university graduates, managers and professionals. [5]

With that, many talent acquisition teams across companies are exploring ways to improve their remote hiring process. A big part of this involved the reliance on video conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts to conduct interviews.

This huge shift to online video interviewing also comes with new challenges in efficacy, productivity, but most importantly, online security. The recent security issues faced by Zoom users have become a big concern for many companies who conduct online interviews and need to prevent Zoombombings. 

Serving professionals in the recruitment space across diverse industries, we here at strive to deliver solutions to alleviate unnecessary pain points in this already-stressful time. 

Scheduling online interviews shouldn’t be taking up 30% of a recruiter’s time. Having a secure private video call link to each interview is now a necessity. This seemingly minute detail is causing more work for recruiters. 

Specifically, creating secure one-time links for every interview and copy-pasting them onto separate calendar invites to candidates and interviewers. Rinse and repeat the process enough times and you have yourself a pesky, error-prone time stealer on your hands.

With our online conferencing integration, Evie automatically generates a dynamic, unique Zoom, Teams or Hangouts link for each interview scheduled between interviewers and candidates.


Recruiter calendar zoom interview

Evie sends out separate calendar invites to each candidate and interviewer on your behalf, containing the unique conferencing link.


Confirmation zoom interview

Evie sends out separate calendar invites to each candidate and interviewer on your behalf, which contains the unique Zoom link


This is in addition to the heavy lifting of the entire interview scheduling process that Evie already handles. Think about the back-and-forth between candidates and interviewers, following up with unresponsive individuals, sending out calendar invites, attaching necessary documents and giving a consistent, warm experience to hundreds of remote candidates.

Leaders could use this opportunity to discover the innovation and productivity gains that can be awarded through remote working. This new incorporation of location-independent talent isn’t as impossible as once thought and might be a key cornerstone to business continuity and preparedness.

We are working hard to continue delivering more value and a seamless end-to-end scheduling experience — fulfilling our ongoing quest to make Evie the World’s best AI Recruitment Coordinator.


Find out more about Evie’s integration with Zoom and MS Teams or contact us for a demo. 

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