The Future of Recruitment lies with Smarter ATS Integrations

Posted by Team Evie on Jun 17, 2020

“Recruiters live in their ATS.” That’s the mantra we hear over and over again. 

The ATS acts as a central location and database for a company’s recruitment efforts. Despite this, many recruiters still require additional software solutions to run their day-to-day activities like sourcing, screening, scheduling interviews, and anything else that serve to bring in people.

Disparate software systems result in redundant data entry and loss of data integrity.

30% of recruiters mark this as their biggest technology challenge. Recruiters also spend more than 5 hours each week on redundant data entry.

There are many different aspects to the recruitment workflow. This makes it a tremendous challenge for a single ATS in the current market to successfully address and build robust solutions that tackle every point along the workflow—from sourcing to hire. 

At the same time, the complexity and flexibility in recruitment workflows is extensive. Companies within the same industry can have vastly different practices. Even subsidiaries within the same company can have different teams; each with their own process of recruitment.

64% of companies are not fully satisfied with the features and functionalities of their ATS. 

HR executives and recruiters that are actively trying to solve this problem may take steps in piecing together their own suite of technologies. However, this patchwork approach can be costly, time-consuming, and risky, when systems aren’t built for each other. 


Building your technology stack with robust integrations

What will drive the future of recruitment is a streamlined integration across the different moving parts in the recruitment workflow. An ATS that can work effectively with systems that teams are already using—like Google, Office 365, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams—understands that building for a cohesive foundation is what recruiters are looking for. This entails a setup where workflows can be automated and redundancies are reduced to the absolute minimum. 

It is a herculean task for any ATS to come up with the best solutions and features for all touch points in the recruitment workflow.

There are simply too many nuances to account for and limited resources for development. By teaming up with external solutions in different niches within the workflow, the entire ATS ecosystem gets uplifted so that both your people and the candidates get the best-in-class experience throughout every stage.

Extending this principle to the interview scheduling piece in the workflow, a great ATS would be one that elegantly incorporates a solution to automate scheduling right from within the ATS dashboard itself. With only a press of a button or an advancement of the candidate status, the system gets to work by coordinating between interviewers and candidates; all with minimal manual work needed by recruiters and without sacrificing the candidate experience. In fact, it should enhance it!

The convenience and time saved on initiating interview scheduling is one piece of the puzzle. The other is the coherence of data gathered by the integrated solution and linked back to the central ATS system. Data on things such as time taken for interviewers to respond, number of reschedules, and distribution of interviewing workload allow recruitment teams to make improvements based on quantitative data.


A Symbiotic Paradigm between Evie and your ATS

Our goal for Evie has always been to be the AI Recruitment Coordinator that helps the talent acquisition teams focus on what they do best. And that does not involve spending hours each week scheduling interviews—by manually going through repetitive steps in their ATS and coordinating for every candidate. It’s something that is painful and tedious.

Evie can already maneuver through the complexity of interview scheduling while bringing the value of personable interactions to deliver a great candidate experience.

We’re pushing our AI Recruitment Coordinator to go the distance by streamlining operations with your ATS and also bringing insights through data analytics.

Right from your ATS, you can view the job role that you’re ready to schedule interviews for.


After selecting all the shortlisted candidates, you would simply need to move them down the pipeline by updating their status to the interviewing stage.


And voila! Evie will automatically get to work by reaching out to the interviewers and candidates to set up interviews.

The magic doesn’t stop there.


Make your ATS the Single Source of Truth


Having meaningful data and actionable insights pushed back into the ATS is one of the key ingredients recruitment teams are looking for to enhance their workflow.

Evie updates the ATS as interviews get scheduled so recruiters don’t have to leave their dashboard to have a sense of how things are moving along.


If you share our same vision of unifying ATS and recruitment software solutions in a way that further empowers recruiters, we’d love to have a chat to see how we can best achieve this with Evie. We always find it meaningful to share ideas and gain insight that you might have that we are unable to see in the talent acquisition space.


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