Simplify High Volume Hiring with AI Intelligence

Posted by Team Evie on May 6, 2021

It goes by many names—mass hiring, volume recruitment, bulk hiring, ramp-up recruitment, assessment centre recruitment, campus hiring—you name it.

These could be seasonal, project-based, or a regular occurrence.

No matter the label or frequency, we can all agree that organizing interviews for a high volume of candidates is a logistical nightmare that demands intense coordination and detail-oriented efforts. 

This is where teams would benefit from an intelligent AI interview scheduling assistant that can handle all the complexities of interview formats, templates, attachments and information consolidation, while still maintaining a natural, human-like candidate experience.

Based on input from real recruiters in large enterprises across the globe, we’ve distilled the key qualities that would make an interview scheduling solution nail the job. 

We’re introducing our CSV Import feature that allows recruiters to easily schedule a bulk of interviews through a few simple steps.


1. Easy Interface to Set Up a Bulk Request

For most people, Microsoft Excel is a ubiquitous and recognizable platform where no introduction is needed.

We’ve leveraged this familiar tool to supplement our CSV Import feature. Recruiters need only put in the basic candidate and interview information based on the predefined columns, and upload the file to the Evie dashboard.

Image: Evie dashboard where a user can upload the CSV file

Once the CSV information has been successfully imported, all interviews with common basic information will be batched together. These include things like the subject title, format, interviewers and preferred time frame if listed.

Image: A successful CSV import displays the interviews to-be-scheduled for a final review

Once you’ve reviewed the interview details, select ‘Schedule All’ to initiate scheduling of all the batches of interviews listed.

And….that’s it! 

All you needed to do was to provide Evie the necessary information it needs through a single file, and off it goes.


2. Customize Interview Types & Formats Across Candidates

With volume hiring, it is likely that you’re scheduling for a whole combination of different roles, formats, durations, office locations and so on.

You can customize just one CSV sheet to account for all these different factors.

Image: Part of the CSV Import sheet with some example information

Just like how you can get Evie to schedule for different scenarios via email, you can do the exact same through a single CSV upload.

You could schedule 10 in-person interviews in Office A and 10 in Office B. You could suggest some preferred time slots for candidates in a specific role and let Evie find times for candidates in another role. Or if you wanted to simply send out a bunch of calendar invites with unique Microsoft Teams links, you can do that too!

Essentially, all these combinations can be easily requested as customized in your sheet.


3. Conveniently Monitor the Entire Coordination Progress

With a bulk of requests going out, you’re going to need an effective way of overseeing and referencing the scheduling progress of all the interviews.

That’s where our handy interviews dashboard comes in. 

You can view all the interviews you’ve initiated scheduling for and they will remain on the dashboard until all the interviews in a particular batch (same title, interviewers & format) have taken place.

You will be shown the status of every candidate’s interview scheduling progress such as whether Evie is waiting on the candidate to reply or when it has been confirmed for. You get to see if a candidate or interviewer hasn’t responded to Evie and when its next follow-up will be, or if you need to step in to handle some edge cases.

What’s great is that you can also take some actions directly from this dashboard — whether it’s to cancel a request, reschedule a particular candidate’s interview, confirm a time, or even add a new candidate that you’ve newly shortlisted and want to add into the mix.

Image: The interviews dashboard where recruiters can monitor the progress of their interviews


A Scalable, Consistent Candidate Experience for All

Ultimately, what recruiters need is a tool that helps them deliver a great, consistent experience for interviewers and candidates, and is also scalable in terms of its usability for themselves.

Especially for those scheduling in bulk, it is imperative that they have a tool that allows them the flexibility to schedule different interview scenarios, and to do so from an easy, straightforward user interface.

Using Evie’s CSV import feature will help you get interviews scheduled on everyone's calendars—so you'll have plenty of time to focus on sourcing, attracting and hiring the best people.

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