Leaping from Good to Great Recruitment Lies in Scalable Consistency

Posted by Team Evie on Feb 13, 2020

Many recruiters would love to spend more time on strategic work and candidate interaction, but they’re bogged down by manual tasks every day. 

Take interview scheduling as an example. Several studies show that recruiters spend a couple of hours to almost the entire workday scheduling interviews.

For big enterprises, it’s common to have hundreds of open roles at any given time—and you can imagine the magnitude of time needed for recruiters to schedule these interviews. That leaves them with no time to work on the more important tasks, such as sourcing and investing more time in screening the best talent to hire. That is a big waste of resources which no enterprises can afford in this war for talent.

Let’s see how big the problem is for recruiters. For example,  if you have 200 open roles and shortlist five candidates for each role, you would have 1,000 interviews to schedule! Our research on enterprises across diverse industries shows that around half of all job interviews are rescheduled at least once. Recruiter being overwhelmed by a high volume of interview scheduling

All these may sound like quick and simple tasks but, they’re actually tricky and tedious; and require plenty of back-and-forth with hiring managers, interviewers, and candidates. Now imagine doing this for thousands of candidates and multiple interview rounds. No wonder recruiters are burning out. 

This complex, time-consuming work helps explain why inconsistent engagement during the recruitment process is rampant. A PwC study found that 61% of candidates have encountered “recruiters who vanish"—withdrawing from all communication suddenly and without explanation, even after a candidate has had an interview. Poor communication discourages candidates, leading them to withdraw their applications.


Don't lose great talent due to overwhelming workload, let Evie handle it

With all the coordination work involved in interview scheduling, not to mention other recruitment and HR tasks recruiters need to juggle, it's so easy for things to fall through the cracks. After all, there's only so much one person can do. A candidate or schedule could be missed, potentially costing the company the chance to find a great hire. 

This is where Evie, our AI interview scheduling solution, comes in.

Evie automates the entire interview-scheduling process, including confirming all relevant parties’ preferred time slots, facilitating reschedules and sending invites to candidates and interviewers separately and provide daily progress updates to recruiters.

Evie’s flexible platform can be configured to deliver an organization’s messaging and branding and send relevant information to all candidates consistently every time, saving recruiters even more time. Evie also consistently engages candidates to ensure interviews are scheduled as soon as possible, essentially cutting down time to hire. 

The entire interview scheduling process is consistent for each and every candidate so no one is neglected or forgotten. And we’ve built Evie to scale and support huge enterprises with thousands of roles to fill effortlessly—so you no longer have to worry about losing a potentially great hire.


Consistent engagement improves the candidate experience

Consistent engagement contributes to a positive candidate experience. According to this research 60% of candidates said better communication throughout the application process would make the most impact towards improving the candidate experience.

Another study revealed that over 80% of candidates expect to receive constant updates throughout the entire recruitment process.  This interaction should be positive and human as the same PwC study explained: “When choosing tech, do it with the candidates’ experience in mind. Recruiting technology is usually designed and chosen for the enterprise, not the candidate. Use tech to streamline, but keep human interaction at the center.”

While most interview scheduling tools are efficient, they lack the human touch element. Evie is different and interacts like a real human, extending the recruiters’ engagement with candidates.

The ability to deliver great candidate experience consistently to hundreds of candidates while scheduling thousands of interviews for recruiters at the same time is the power of Evie.

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