Build-Your-Own AI Employee for Complex Interview Scheduling

Posted by Team Evie on Jun 1, 2021

Every company has its own preferred workflow when it comes to its recruitment process. Although ‘scheduling interviews’ sounds like a fairly straightforward and self-explanatory component of this process, it can really be a complex workflow that requires specific knowledge for its scalable, consistent, and reliable execution.

Recruiters need a tool flexible enough to meet their needs while also requiring minimal recruiter intervention or support. What this means is recruiters can simply monitor the scheduling progress but can trust that it will get the job done on its own, even through all the nuances and complexities that come with scheduling across different regions, roles, interview formats, rescheduling, and so on.

This is where Evie truly shines as every company’s very own AI recruitment coordinator—flexibly built to work in ways that match your company’s recruitment culture.


1. Evie moves at the pace that you decide

Every team gets to customize Evie’s behaviour to suit the pace of recruitment at its company. A key trait is Evie’s scheduling ‘aggressiveness’. When Evie receives a scheduling request from a recruiter, is it better to arrange it as soon as possible, within the next couple days? Or perhaps candidates need more time to prepare so you’d give at least two days of preparation before the interview. You get to decide.

An important part of the scheduling network is the interviewers. While Evie has full visibility of their calendar availability, they don’t necessarily want Evie to have free reign over it. By setting preferred, less-preferred, and non-negotiable scheduling periods, Evie will pick out times to best match these preferences. These can be set down to each day of the week. For example, strictly no interviews on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons, and ideally between Tuesday to Thursday.

On the topic of obtaining interviewers’ availability, it is often bisected into two methods. The first is companies whose interviewers have calendars up-to-date so available times can be taken without asking and the second is companies whose interviewers have untrustable calendars.    

Evie can work on either workflow. It can either immediately suggest times to candidates or first seek approval from the interviewers as an anti-rescheduling measure.


2. Evie takes care of all the details across different interviews

The coordination of interviews is not the only aspect that is time and effort-consuming. Recruiters need to keep up with the management of information that goes out for multitudes of roles, a handful of geographical regions and different interview stages.

Repetitively attaching specific documents and including other accurate interview details in every calendar invite without error requires consistent detail-oriented concentration.

This draining, low-value activity can be alleviated with Evie’s help.

Evie’s communication style in emails are customizable templates and it has the ability to automatically include the correct information and attachments based on varying attributes.

Evie’s speed and accuracy that cater to these nuances makes it perfectly adept at assisting recruiters with the last mile of scheduling interviews.


3. Evie keeps you well-informed, to the degree you see fit

It takes time to build confidence in any team of new colleagues, what more for a young technology such as AI. 

To keep recruiters fully aware and in-control of their AI recruitment coordinator, there are various functions to help with this.

Recruiters receive a daily progress report of all interviews that Evie is scheduling straight to their inbox. A live version of this is available on the Evie dashboard, where recruiters can also take actions such as rescheduling, confirming, or cancelling an interview.

For those with cluttered inboxes, you can always opt in or out of this daily email if you prefer to keep to the live dashboard.

This also goes for being cc’d in all of Evie’s emails with interviewers and candidates. By default, Evie will include you in all the communications for clear visibility—but should you ever decide for quieter inbox traffic, you can.

Evie also provides visibility across the entire team by allowing recruiters to view scheduling requests by each other. This is especially useful when someone goes on leave or if recruiting is done as a team in general. Again, you can customize whether you have a team view or individual view by default.


The AI recruitment coordinator tailored to every recruiter

Evie’s flexible workflows allows recruiters to choose what works best for them and complements their working style. Instead of forcing recruiters to adapt to another rigid digital tool, they can decide how this collaboration will bring out the best outcome in their recruiting process.

While you focus on sourcing for and bringing in the best talent for your company, Evie will be there to ensure the candidate’s experience is operationally smooth and still human-like.


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