Would an AI Assistant be Better at Communicating with Candidates?

Posted by Team Evie on Feb 5, 2021

If you’re seeking to answer the question point-blank it seems straightforward, right? “Of course not. Humans are more flexible in understanding context and each other. Naturally, human-to-human communication would always be better.”

In reality, talent acquisition recruiters are inundated with a heavy workload consisting of a vast range of tasks. One’s cognitive load can only take so much.

There are many touch points between recruiters and candidates. Some require direct communication while others would suffice by written channels. 

While assessing a candidate’s soft skills through direct engagement is hard to replace with software, communication for rote tasks like scheduling interviews are better off being automated. This would be a smart option for Talent Acquisition teams so that they have more bandwidth to work on the things that need their full focus and abilities. 

Evie, the AI Recruitment Coordinator has:

  1. Customizable tone-of-voice and branding
  2. Scalable consistency in its communication
  3. Speed & accuracy in selecting templates & attachments


1. Customizable Tone-of-voice and Branding

Every company has their own preferred way of speaking to candidates. Some like it strictly professional, others want to welcome their candidates with a warmer, friendlier tone, and the rest fall somewhere along this spectrum. Evie is the spectrum.

And it’s not just the language that can be customized to your needs, but the look and feel as well. We don’t mean simply slapping on a logo somewhere obscure.

Just like the beautiful newsletters that your marcomms teams come up with to inject some liveliness into emails, Evie can send out emails in this format.


Image: Example of a customized, branded template for a company


2. Scalable Consistency in its Communication

Recruiters in large enterprises can own up to 30 requisitions at a time, each requiring a few candidates to be interviewed. The volume of work required for this can impair the recruiter’s ability to deliver a consistent experience for every candidate. Evie doesn’t fatigue from this sort of cognitive load and is able to provide a great candidate experience at scale. 

And since Evie’s way of communicating would have been fine-tuned, the messages being sent out across different recruiters from the same team can be streamlined. This removes any perceived biases by different candidates.


3. Speed & Accuracy in Selecting the Templates & Attachments

The reality for many recruiters is that the pain of scheduling interviews doesn’t stop at the coordination. Through our interactions with many recruitment teams across different industries,, it is universal that different job roles require specific information (within the email itself or as attachments) to be conveyed to the respective candidates. This pain is further exacerbated when these requirements differ across geographical regions as well.

These nuances can be slight or considerable, but nonetheless they require more cognitive effort to ensure candidates receive the right information. Evie can be taught to pull out the right information as long as it’s been informed. 

Recruiters only need to inform Evie of the differentiating factor of the interview being scheduled along with their initial request. For example, you only need to specify that the role is that of a Software Engineer, and Evie will know to send the specific information needed in the confirmation emails and calendar invites.


Equip the Right Communication Task with an AI Assistant

As mentioned earlier, not all tasks are made equal. Scheduling interviews is one that is tedious, tricky, and simply way too time-consuming for recruiters to be spending 30% of their time on.

By allowing your recruitment team to offload interview scheduling to an AI Recruitment Coordinator that knows how to communicate well and get the job done at speed, they’ll thank you for the extra time they’ll have to use on sourcing the best people and building the talent pipeline.

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