Domain Setup: Office 365


Guided Tutorial to set up Evie on your company domain for Office 365 (

1. Log in to Office 365.
Log in to the Office 365 Portal as an authorized Exchange Administrator (

2. In the left navigation bar, click on “Groups” and then “Shared mailboxes“.

Shared Mailboxes

3. In the main window, click on “Add a mailbox”. (Shared mailboxes are free and don’t require another license)

Add a mailbox

4. Set up the new Evie mailbox with your company domain, then click “Add” to create the new shared mailbox.

Add a mailbox

5. It will take a minute to create the new shared mailbox. Once that’s done, click on “View Details” to configure the mailbox.

View Details

6. In the “Email Fowarding” option, click the “Edit” button to set up email forwarding:

Edit Email

7. Turn on the option to “Forward all email sent to this mailbox” and set the forwarding address to as shown below. Then, click “Save” to complete the set up.

Save Evie

8. You’re done! Send a test email to your Evie and verify that Evie responds as expected. If not, just reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to help!