Domain Setup: Google Suite

Guided Tutorial to set up Evie on your company domain for Google Suite (

Please note that the setup for Google Suite Free users and Google Suite Paid users are different. We have both sets of instructions listed below for you to follow accordingly.


Google Suite Free Users

1. Create your Evie account with your domain.

2. Log in to Google.
Log in to the Google Suite Admin Console ( for your domain.

3. Click on this Gmail Help guide.
Follow the steps under the drop down menu for ‘Turn on automatic forwarding on or off.’

4. At step 6, enter our Evie contact email.

5. At Step 8, drop us an email to let us know that you are setting up your domain as a Google Suite Free user.
We will verify the forwarded email.

6. Once we’ve verified the link, we will let you know.You can then proceed to complete steps 9 to 13.



Google Suite Paid Users

1. Log in to Google.
Log in to the Google Suite Admin Console ( for your domain using an account with Administrator privileges.

2. Click on the "Apps" icon.

Admin Console

3. Click on "G Suite".


4. Click on "Gmail".

Apps G Suite

5. Click on the "Default Routing" option.

Default Routing

6. Click the "Add Setting" link.

Add Setting

7. Add your assistant email address.
Under section 1, specify the email address of your new assistant as a recipient ( (replace ‘’ with your domain).

Add your assistant email address

8. Scroll down and check the options "Bypass spam filter for this message" and "Remove attachments from message".


9. Then click on “Add more recipients”, click on the “ADD” button and enter and click the Save button.

Add Setting

10. Under section 3 (Options), select “Perform this action on non-recognized and recognized addresses”.

Under section 3 (Options)


11. Scroll down and click “Save” to save your changes and close the dialog box.

12. You’re done! Send a test email to your newly setup Evie and verify that Evie responds as expected. .
If not, just reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to help!