Why Recruiters Prefer Conversational AI Interview Scheduling Tool?

Posted by Team Evie on Apr 8, 2021

The Spike in Remote Jobs Means More Qualified Candidates to Interview

It’s been over a year since the pandemic started and the world has experienced a seismic shift to remote working, leaving offices empty most of the time. Companies and employees have come to realise that remote working is viable and the potential significant cost savings of not having an office has further caused a spike in remote jobs. 

While remote working is not for everyone, 70% of employees want to work from home and companies want to be officeless, and coupled with a rising supply of remote jobs means recruiters have access to a bigger pool of better qualified candidates previously hindered by geographical constraints. 

With more candidates to interview, recruiters are struggling to schedule a huge volume of interviews so automating this time-consuming workflow is now a necessity, not to mention that  interview scheduling is the crappiest part of a recruiter’s job.


The Preferred Choice For Companies Committed to Deliver Great Candidate Experience 

There are many interview scheduling tools out there but why do some of our customers like Siemens, chose to have a conversational AI interviewing scheduling tool like Evie instead of the seemingly efficient “email a link to the candidate to book an interview” option? 

Maximising efficiency is not the only consideration as companies are beginning to pay more attention to candidate experience. Research shows that 49% of job-seekers in fields with high demand, such as technology, have rejected an offer because of a bad candidate experience


Human-like Candidate Experience 

The ‘click and book an interview” tool while efficient couldn’t deliver the kind of candidate experience they want, that is personable and human-like as if you are interacting with a real person, eliciting warmth and friendliness that is more aligned to their corporate branding and culture.  And very often, we are told that Evie is really different from the other interview scheduling tools out there. Companies want an AI assistant that doesn’t stand out like a freaky robot but interacts like an extension of their employees and is best mistaken for a real person.


“I’ve heard multiple vendors refer to Evie as if she was real, talking about how great she did scheduling around everyone’s calendar, planning the meeting and even helping to reschedule if needed.”

Josh Winwright

Technology Business Partner 

Pontoon Solutions


Simplicity of Use 

In addition, usability is also a crucial consideration as change management is often a very challenging task. Evie is so simple to use for everyone involved: the candidates, recruiters and interviewers and this has minimized adoption pushback.


“Evie also interacted well with our candidates, providing a smooth candidate experience.  The Evie team is incredibly responsive and a pleasure to work with." 

Marta Brockwell

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Siemens Mobility

“Evie is one of my key recruiter tools, it saves me so much time, is so simple to use, and comes with a great support team. I can’t recommend Evie enough.”

Richard Booth

Talent Acquisition Partner

Siemens Mobility


Efficiency and Time saving

Moreover, Evie is saving recruiters 30% of their time and removing their pain point of manually selecting and sending the right information to candidates and hiring managers ensuring a consistent experience for all. 


“I schedule closer to a hundred interviews a month and with Evie, I save 30% of my time! 

I also use Evie to automatically send the right information (attachments, instructions, etc.) to candidates and hiring managers, saving me even more time and ensuring a consistent experience for all our candidates and interviewers.

Marta Brockwell

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Siemens Mobility

Recruiters are getting the best-in-class conversational AI interviewing scheduling tool that is not only efficient but also delivers great candidate experience all at the same time without having to compromise on their ideal recruitment workflow


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