Siemens & Evie: Drive Greater Efficiency & Collaboration with TA Tech

Posted by Team Evie on Dec 18, 2020

Last week, Siemens Global TA leaders Diane Circo and Anna Botten, and Evie Founder & CEO, Jin Hian Lee discussed how COVID-19 has accelerated the use of Talent Acquisition technology and shared valuable insights that are beneficial to TA teams all over the world.

For those of you who missed the lively discussion, here are the highlights:

  • Over 20% of respondents identified interview scheduling as their biggest challenge since the start of the pandemic.
  • The majority of respondents, roughly two-thirds, said they have been struggling with too many tools that don’t work well together. 
  • 75% thought AI would help them focus on the human side of TA, such as sourcing and pipelining talent. 


For Siemens, the digital transformation of their TA tech stack has meant a change of focus. As Anna Botten, Global Talent Acquisition Consultant, Strategy & Technologies for Siemens put it, "Transformation means to shift from being a reactive function to a proactive function. So, not just focusing on our live, active vacancies, but really trying to encourage our recruiters to understand the future demand that was coming from our business, and to pipeline our talent pool against those roles.”

“Evie is a good example of how we can save a huge amount of time on interview scheduling by ramping up on our AI capability. And it’s about allowing recruiters to have more quality conversations with candidates as they progress down the candidate journey.” 

Diane Circo, VP, US Talent Acquisition for Siemens added that the shift has also meant the idea here is to move away from traditional, very rigidly defined roles, responsibilities and processes. The goal is “to break down silos and to do more cross functional work and more co-creation to solve problems. In other words, you organize the team around the work, as opposed to making the work fit the team.

On a technical level, the transformation has brought the CRM and ATS elements a lot closer together. With the TA team covering more ground, purpose-built platforms like Evie are essential for the new TA tech stack. As Anna and her team realized during their initial rollout, leveraging a platform like Evie to handle the administrative coordination allowed the rest of the team to focus on the human side of TA.

These are just some of the key points and there are more insights as well as thoughtful questions from the audience. The complete session, which lasted just under an hour is a must-listen for anyone involved in TA and TA tech. Check it out here.  

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