Who is Evie?

Evie is an AI Recruitment Coordinator who helps take over the time-consuming work of interview scheduling and coordination, while keeping the human touch and consistently delivering an amazing candidate experience for your company.

Evie handles all the back and forth negotiations, follows up with candidates, sends out invitations, books meeting rooms and more. Find out more by visiting this page.


How can I benefit from using Evie?

Evie streamlines your scheduling process and redirects hours saved on these administrative tasks to more important work.

The most highly-rated features of Evie that users enjoy are:

  • human-like interaction - candidates are always impressed by how natural Evie sounds.
  • meeting room booking - no more hunting for vacant rooms to match your interview time slots.
  • rescheduling - recruiters don't have to go through the whole scheduling process again
  • cross time zone scheduling - saving the time and hassle of finding a time that works.


What do I need to use Evie?

All you need is a Google or Office 365 account. It's cloud based, so no installations or downloads needed. Evie works fully in your email environment so you don't have to toggle between applications when scheduling.


How much does it cost?

Get in touch with us to find out more on our Enterprise Plan and how you can get an initial Free Trial for your talent acquisition team.


What data does Evie have access to and should I be concerned about my privacy and security?

We are an assistant service and trust is at the center of what we do. In order to effectively manage your schedule, Evie will have access to your calendar. This information is encrypted in transit and at rest, and we guard it with our lives! (Actually, with military-grade technology.) We will never use this information for marketing purposes.

Evie only has access to the emails where you CC her, we do not crawl or read your emails. Also we never take any attachments from your emails.

We alternatively have a Limited Access Model that has minimal access to users' calendars. Contact us to find out more.