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01 Get started planning your meeting

Get started planning your meeting

Talking to Evie is just like talking to any other person. Simply CC Evie and let her know that you'd like a meeting scheduled. You can leave it open ended or include a specific time frame as in the example above.

Remember to include all required attendees in your 'To' list, while keeping optional attendees in your Cc list.

02 Planning a one-off meeting or recurring meetings

Organizing a one-off meeting is straightforward, as shown in step 01.

Scheduling recurring meetings is just as straightforward, with the addition of instructions like "weekly", "recurring" or "every Tuesday". For example, you could tell Evie:

"Evie, please find a time for a weekly Monday meeting."

Evie will then organize and add the recurring meeting indefinitely to your calendar.

03 Evie suggests a few meeting timings

Project X Discussion

Based on your availability and preferences, Evie will send an email with suggested availabilities to each of your required attendees and wait for their responses.

You are kept in the response loop (you can opt out in your preferences).

04 Evie does follow ups for unresponsive participants

By default, Evie will follow up with your invitees if she doesn’t receive a response to her suggested times. After 3 chaser emails, if she doesn’t hear back from your invitee, Evie will come back to you to ask if you would like her to stop scheduling.

05 Meeting confirmation and invites

Once everyone’s confirmed, Evie will send out a calendar invitation to all the attendees on your behalf– the subject line will include the type of meeting and the attendees.

If it’s an internal meeting, she’ll use the email subject title.

If it’s an external meeting, by default, she’ll use the names of the companies based on the email domains. E.g. Meeting Company-A x Company-B.

If the email domains have not been customized, it will instead be the names of meeting attendees. E.g. Call Rachel x John.

You can change the default to email subject title by visiting your Evie dashboard.

06 Meeting across time zones

By default, Evie uses the home time zone in your settings to schedule all meetings. If you have attendees that are based in other cities, simply tell Evie in your request to her and she’ll find the best time across the multiple time zones.

Call with Sarah

Sending Invites

01 How is this different from scheduling?

You can also have Evie send out calendar invites after you’ve already arranged a date and time offline or verbally.

02 Asking Evie to send out invites

Call with Jason

Simply Cc your invitees and tell Evie to send an invite, specifying your prearranged date and time, whether it is a call or meeting, and location (if relevant).

Event Updates

01 Rescheduling or cancelling

Reply back to the email thread that Evie was on and let Evie know what changes you'd like her to make. For example:

"Evie, please reschedule this for next week."
"Evie, please cancel this meeting."

Project X Discussion

02 Updating meeting details

Simply update Evie through the same email thread and indicate any change in details. For example, if you want to update your location:

"Evie, please update this coffee to Starbucks ION Orchard"

Control Preferences

01 Meeting times

You can set your preferred or less preferred times for meetings and calls on your dashboard. You can vary these timings for different days.

For example, you can set Tuesday to have calls potentially scheduled until 9pm whereas set Friday to have calls scheduled only up until 4pm.

02 Calls

You can enter your call details in your call preferences dashboard.

Once you've updated these details, Evie will automatically populate this information when you schedule calls.

You have a choice to set your default call preference to any one of these options:

  • Mobile
  • Conference call
  • Web conference link
  • Skype ID
03 Locations

You can update your preferred meeting locations on your dashboard.

When scheduling meetings, coffee meet-ups or calls, Evie will use the location in your settings as the default location for the event being scheduled.

If you have an agreed-to location for a meeting or contact details for a call outside of your default preferences, let Evie know in the email and she’ll include those details in the meeting invitation.

04 Duration

By default, Evie schedules meetings for 60 minutes. If you prefer a shorter or longer meeting duration, you can let Evie know when scheduling the event.

Alternatively, you can update your default meeting and buffer time durations on your dashboard.

You will be able to pre-define default durations for meetings, calls and other types of meet ups, as well as buffer times between meetings so that Evie leaves tome for you to prepare.

User Guide

01 Download user guide

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