Radically Simple Video Interview Scheduling

From finding times that work between interviewers & candidates to generating secure, one-time links for each of these interviews, Evie's got it covered.

Video interview scheduling

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Schedule with just one single email

With one instruction, Evie starts scheduling multiple interviews, saving recruiters hours of repetitive work. Like a real person, Evie coordinates with interviewers and candidates in plain language, delivering a seamless interview scheduling experience for everyone.

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Deliver a human-like experience for candidates

 Evie's friendly, conversational capabilities consistently promotes your brand with every single interaction and encourages a collaborative approach with candidates, so candidates feel respected. This slashes interviewer reschedules by 50% and speeds up time-to-hire.

Send out complete calendar invites 

Evie makes sure every video interview has a secure, one-time link to Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and attaches the necessary documents to each calendar invite. This way, both interviewers and candidates easily have what they need to show up well-prepared.

Confirmation zoom interview
Recruiter calendar zoom interview

Be the stakeholder of the interviews

Evie sends out calendar invites on behalf of the recruiter; so they still maintain the role as organizer of the interviews and can oversee the interview scheduling progress from their own calendar.


Fewer Reschedules

Faster Interview Scheduling

Recruiter Productivity

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“Evie is so simple to use, saves 30% of my time and delivers a great candidate experience, allowing me to hire faster & better!”

~ Marta Brockwell

Talent Acquisition Consultant
Siemens Mobility