How Evie Works for Interview Scheduling

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How to make a request for interview scheduling


The above format is easiest for Evie to understand your request for interview scheduling.

If you have a specific time frame in which you'd like the interviews scheduled, you can let Evie know. For example, "Evie, please schedule interviews next week with the following candidates."

FAQ Section

Can Evie see the availability of interviewers if they are not Evie users?

Yes. Evie can see your colleague's free/busy calendar availability via your account.

When scheduling interviews, Evie assumes by default that you (the recruiter) will not be attending the interviews. Hence, Evie will not check for your availibity for interviews.

How many time options will Evie provide when scheduling for multiple candidates?

Evie will provide a minimum number of slot equal to the number of candidates, and ideally double the number of candidates if the interviewers' calendars have enough availability.

For example, if there are 3 candidates, Evie will find between 3 to 6 time slots. If Evie isn't able to find at least 3, Evie will circle back to the recruiter for further instructions.

What are the hours of a day Evie might schedule interviews for?

If the interviewers have Evie accounts, Evie will follow their schedule preferences for meetings.

If the interviewers are not Evie users, Evie will follow a default global setting of between 9AM to 5PM local time.

What happens if two candidates choose the same time slot?

Time slot selection is on a first come, first serve basis. Evie will inform the second candidate that the time slot has already been taken and provide the remaining time options.

When will recruiters be copied into emails?

Recruiters will be cc'ed on every email on both threads (interviewers' and candidates' threads).

If a recruiter doesn't want to be copied on all emails, they have the option of going on 'quiet mode'.

This means that Evie will place the recruiter on bcc when:

  • Evie first proposes time slots to the interviewer
  • Evie proposes interviewer-approved slots to each candidate
Once candidates have chosen a time, recruiters will recieve the confirmation email for each interview.
Does Evie place tentative [T] slots on the interviewer's calendar like in general scheduling?

In our current workflow, Evie will not place tentative blocks on the interviewer's calendar as this might unnecessarily fill up their calendar, especially in the case of scheduling for multiple candidates.

If the candidate asks Evie a question regarding the interview (irrelevant to scheduling) and I am not copied on the thread, how will Evie handle this scenario?

If Evie finds that there is a response without relevance to scheduling the interview, Evie will forward the message to the recruiter for a follow-up action.

How early might Evie suggest for an interview slot?

If you have specified a time period in your request, Evie will schedule within that period.

For example, you send this request to Evie on a Monday: "Evie, please schedule interviews later this week."

Evie will ideally give about 3 days as a buffer to the suggested times, which means Evie would suggest times on Thursday or Friday. If there isn't adequate availability on these days, Evie will look at Wednesday.

Otherwise, if you don't include a time period, Evie will suggests times 7 days from the day of your request onward.

What happens if any party declines a calendar invite that Evie has sent for a confirmed interview?

Evie will ask the person who declined the invite whether they'd like to reschedule the interview.