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Guided Tutorial: Setting up a Skype conference link

Evie isn't able to generate one-time Skype conference links for every new call scheduled, but there is a way to set up a unique Skype conference link that non-Skype users can easily access.

1. Follow the instructions at this link to enable the Skype Meeting button in your Outlook client.

2. Once you've completed the steps from 1, you should be able to set up a new Skype Meeting.

Skype Meeting

3. Change the 'Start time' of the meeting to 5 years from the current date.

Start time

4. Right click on the Skype Link and copy hyperlink.

Copy Hyperlink

5. Add any recipient (you can remove this later) and hit 'Send'.


6. Go to your dashboard and navigate to Preferences > Calls.

7. Paste the copied link in the Web Conferencing field and update.

Web Conferencing

8. If you'd like to use this link as your preferred call method, make 'Web Conference' your default call preference.

Default Call Preference
Note: If you also have your Skype ID details updated here, if you tell Evie, "Please schedule a Skype conference for us," Evie will use your Skype ID and not the Web Conferencing link.