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Evie for Scheduling

Effortless, instant scheduling for everyone in the organization.

You've got deadlines to meet, matters to discuss, data to mine, decision to make - scheduling should be on your back burner

Communicate with Evie naturally,
seamlessly from your email

Evie understands natural language - so you can talk to Evie as you would to any other person! Also, Evie works fully in your email environment so you don't have to toggle between applications when scheduling.

Different ways users can communicate with Evie using natural language

Nothing will fall through the cracks with Evie's instant, proactive scheduling

Evie essentially keeps everyone on track with instant internal scheduling, follow ups with unresponsive invitees, meeting reminders, daily digests and more.

Instant scheduling with colleagues, automatic follow-ups and a daily summary of events

Seamlessly set up calls across time zones

6 hours behind? 3 hours ahead? Day light savings? You don't need to crack your brains scheduling across time zones.

Connecting with invitees across time zones

Save time and effort hunting for meeting rooms

Finally found a time to meet but no place to meet at? It gets us worked up too - so let Evie do it. Evie integrates with your meeting room booking system.

Integration with meeting room booking systems

Ultimately, Evie schedules to your liking with a rich preferences dashboard

Preferred meeting timings, default locations, duration and buffer times, and more - Evie is a true assistant for the entire enterprise right down to each employee.

A dashboard for settings and to customize preferences

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