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Evie for Sales

Follow through your leads and double your sales opportunities.

Finding the time to meet up with leads shouldn't take up half your day.

You'll be able to focus on
turning leads in prospects

Let Evie efficiently connect you to your leads and place items on your calendar while you take on your sales calls, build rapport with prospects and explore new opportunities.

Without Evie
With Evie
A comparison of a salesperson's schedule with and without Evie

Communicate with Evie naturally,
seamlessly from your email

Evie understands natural language - so you can talk to Evie as you would to any other person! Also, Evie works fully in your email environment so you don't have to toggle between applications when scheduling.

Different ways users can communicate with Evie using natural language

Quickly get leads onto your calendar and
have Evie save you the hassle of scheduling

Evie handles all the back-and-forth of scheduling, follows up with unresponsive leads, sends out meeting reminders and keeps you on track with a daily digest of your meetings and calls.

Instant scheduling with colleagues, automatic follow-ups and a daily summary of events

Streamline your workflow by
integrating into your CRM

Evie can even integrate with your CRM to update the lead status once the meeting has been scheduled.

Evie supports CRM integration

Schedule to your liking with
a rich preferences dashboard

Preferred meeting & call timings, default locations, duration and buffer times, and more – Evie makes sure to get leads onto your schedule efficiently and according to your personal working style.

A dashboard for settings and to customize preferences

Intelligent, dynamic meeting titles
keeps your calendar well-organized

Easily look through your meetings and calls with various leads in your inbox or calendar as Evie titles them in a systematic and coherent way.

Dynamic, automatically-generated calendar event titles