Evie Everywhere

We want for Evie to be where your conversations are happening so she can help you when you need it. With that, we are working on what we’re calling: Evie Everywhere.

The first two places we’ve added Evie to are Slack and Chrome. There’ll be more integrations coming, and we’d love to hear from you on where and how you’d love to work more with Evie — just email your thoughts to hello@evie.ai.



Evie for Slack

We heard you. Evie for Slack (beta) is finally here!

You’ve often told us that your conversations are happening outside of email in various chat applications - and sometimes while chatting, you agree to meet offline or get on a call, and would love to get Evie to help with those.

For those times, we’ve introduced our first Slack integration – a /evie command of your Slack channel. After you’ve signed up with Evie, you can add the Evie Slack app. You can use /evie to schedule, invite, or block your calendar from within your Slack channels.


Examples of Evie in Slack:

/evie send invite to @jen and @will for a call at 4pm tomorrow
/evie schedule drinks with everyone for Friday afternoon
/evie schedule a follow up call for Monday
/evie block my calendar for work time all day tomorrow

(Don’t worry – nobody else will see your block commands. Those are for Evie only)

She’ll then follow up on email with scheduling and sending out invitations. /evie invite sends an invitation to either everyone on your channel (the default option), or to a select group of people you specify, for a meeting at an agreed upon time. /evie schedule gets Evie to start organizing a meeting, and /evie block gets Evie to block your calendar. If you forget how to use it, /evie help will give you all the commands.

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Evie for Chrome

It's now even easier to include Evie into your emails with our Evie Chrome extension.

Download the Chrome extension from the Google Chrome store, and this puts an Evie button into your Google mail compose box. Just click to add Evie automatically on cc. It also adds your pre-configured introduction for Evie to have her help you schedule a meeting.

You can configure which Evie gets cc’ed into the email thread as well as the Evie introductory sentence in the Evie extension options. By default we’ve included evie@evie.ai, and the introduction: “I’m cc’ing my scheduling assistant Evie to help us find a time.”

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