Deliver a Consistent Human-Centric Candidate Journey

Make your candidates feel how important good talent is to your company by being on the ball without fail - Evie speaks human and works with an organic touch.

Recruiter assessing a candidate's profile and resumé
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A Conversational, Interactive Experience

  • Evie brings a human quality when connecting with candidates by using natural language 
  • Candidates likewise reply in plain writing
  • Allow candidates to negotiate and determine a preferred time
Job candidate interacting with conversational AI scheduling assistant for set up an interview
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Consistent Engagement keeps
Candidates Warm

Recruiter figuring out the best way to schedule interviews
  • Responds quickly whenever the candidate replies
  • Updates candidates to keep the relationship warm
  • Sends interview reminders to reduce no-shows
  • Send feedback after the actual interview
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Make a Welcoming Impression

  • Customizable, branded email templates to convey your value proposition
  • Attachments for candidates 
  • Attachments for interviewers (prepares them to give a good interview experience to candidates)
Job candidate going through a job application process
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Customize the Experience Further

Talent acquisition team discussing how to optimize their operational workflow and efficiency
  • Work with us to design and implement custom workflows that meet your candidate journey needs
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Evie works with your enterprise systems

Office 365
Microsoft Exchange
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