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Evie unites global teams by booking meeting rooms across offices

Posted by Team Evie on Oct 29, 2019

Scheduling is such an integral part of our everyday work life but hardly anyone enjoys the chore of setting up meetings and coordinating with various parties to find a common time that works for everyone. 

Throwing the spanner to the works, you may end up not getting the meeting room you need to host the meeting!

At Evie, we strive to make scheduling painless and frictionless. With that goal in mind, we are now able to integrate all your meeting room resources and have Evie book meeting rooms for you too.

Once your meeting room integration is set up, Evie will be able match the availability of the participants  as well as meeting rooms and complete all scheduling tasks seamlessly at the same time.

Beyond scheduling for in-person meetings, Evie truly brings meeting room booking to the next level for teams scattered across various offices around the globe. Evie will find a time that works across each time zone and also book an available room in each office that has internal attendees.

A user can put Evie to work by simply saying, "Evie, please schedule a call for us. Book meetings rooms in New York Office and London Office." 

A couple lines of instructions with the office names is all Evie needs to relieve you of the hassles coordinating across time zones and booking multiple rooms.

The meeting room feature has been integrated with Office 365, Google Suite and YArooms, and can be readily enabled for teams on these systems. The flexibility of Evie's AI Assistant Platform has allowed us to support customised integration with other meeting room systems as well.

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Evie’s meeting room booking system has been successfully implemented across several enterprises. Contact us if you need Evie to book meeting rooms.

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